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We would like to thank you again for your business. As an ongoing effort to improve our marketing for our construction services, we hope you fill out this short survey. As a past customer, we believe that you understand exactly what we have to offer others, just like you, who could benefit from doing business with us. We value your opinion and we would be very grateful if you'd take a few minutes to answer these questions.

In for your active participation in this research, we will gladly forward you a gift as soon as we receive your completed questionnaire.

Thanks for helping us! We appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Rino Construction Corp.

Customer (Required)

Why did you do your construction project?

Who made the final decision in choosing Rino Construction Corp. as your contractor?

What were the 3 main benefits you see in getting this construction work done?



Where you pleased with your work? Why?

Is there anything you were not satisfied with?

What newspaper, radio station, or local magazines do you read?

Would you participate in a referral program? Yes No

If we were to advertise, where and what type of ad would attract you?

What would be the three main frustrations you would want to avoid when hiring a contractor?



Do you have any advice or idea that could help us in our marketing of new customers?

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